Q: What are the payment options for PenangShuttle.com?


  • Credit Card

PenangShuttle.com accepts online credit card payment via eGHL (Visa or MasterCard).

  • Internet Banking

Customers can pay with Internet Banking via eGHL on the following local banks:


Q: How secure is online Reservation with PenangShuttle.com?

A: We endeavor to make every transaction you make at PenangShuttle.com 100% safe and secure.  This means that you pay nothing if there are unauthorized charges made to your card for transaction at PenangShuttle.com.


Q: Do I need to register as a member before making any reservation in PenangShuttle.com?

A: Yes, you will need to register as a member to make online reservation in our website.  Registering as a member allows our website to retain your personal details and payment information, so that you do not have to re-enter these details each time you place a reservation with PenangShuttle.com.


Q: I have a user account with PenangShuttle.com.  How do I change my personal details?

A: You can log on to My Account page and change your account details here.


Q: I have received few emails from PenangShuttle.com.  What are Reservation Received, Reservation Processed and Payment Receipt?

A: The communication emails you received from PenangShuttle.com on the following mean:

Reservation Received:  This email informs you that PenangShuttle.com has received your reservation and will process it as soon as possible.

Payment Received: This email confirms that PenangShuttle.com has received your payment and processed your order.

Payment Receipt: This email presents you the proof of payment received from you and the reservation is confirmed.


Q: Can I cancel the reservation after the payment is made?

A: No.  We not accept any cancelation after the reservation was placed.


Q: When I click on the button “Credit Card Payment with eGHL”, nothing appears after that. Why?

A: Please check the settings of your internet browser if pop-up blocker has been disabled.  We need the pop-up blocker to be enabled for online transaction.  For Internet Explorer users, go to Tools à Pop-Up Blocker à Turn-off Pop-Up Blocker.

Q: What does it mean by eGHL?

A: PenangShuttle.com accepts online credit card payment using eGHL.  eGHL is a secure online system that offers our customer safe transaction over the internet.  eGHL also uses 3D secure where extra authentication from the bank is required.

Q: How do I know if my payment has been successful?

A: When you submit the payment details, the eGHL payment service will request authorization from your card issuer and carry out fraud screening checks on PenangShuttle.com.  Depending on the outcome of the authorization request, you will see either a successful or a failed message on the screen which will confirm the result of your transaction.

A successful payment will also be confirmed by email.  The email will include the details of your order and your Transaction ID, which is a unique reference for your payment quoted on any correspondence with PenangShuttle.com.  It will be sent by eGHL to the email address you have provided when entering your payment details.  If you received more than one email while you only made one order, please contact our support team at support@penangshuttle.com.  We will conduct an investigation and arrange for a refund if necessary.

Q: Why my payment was declined?

A: Unsuccessful transactions could be due to the following reasons such as:

  • Some of the card/ personal details entered do not match the information held by the card issuer
  • You do not have enough cleared funds on your credit card to cover the ordered amount
  • Your card has been reported as lost/ stolen/ cancelled by your card issuer
  • Your card has/ due to expire and has been replaced by your card issuer
  • Your card has recently been replaced by your card issuer but yet to be activated
  • Your card cannot be used to pay for goods/ services in a Cardholder-Not-Present environment (online/over the internet)
  • There may be a problem with your card issuer’s authorization system
  • You have not activated the 3D Secure (verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code) of your card

If you are confident that the reasons above do not apply to your payment attempt, we recommend that you try again.  However, should the problem persists, please contact your card issuer for further information.  If you are unable to pay by Credit Card or Online Banking through eGHL, please email us at support@penangshuttle.com.


Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: We understand your travel plans may change. Unfortunately, Penang Shuttle cannot refund payment once you have placed the order with us.  However, in the event of a no-show of driver or vehicle, Penang Shuttle will refund your monies in full.

Q: When do you charge my credit card?

A: Your credit card is charged at the time your reservation is made and confirmed.

Q: Is my information secure?

A: Yes. Keeping your personal information and any credit card information secure and confidential is one of our most important responsibilities. Any information that is exchanged between your computer and our server during our web-based reservation process is encrypted.