Penang Native

Penang is a favorite food paradise with exciting and fabulous sites for visitors to explore.  Next to these it also offers a wide range of souvenir items and popular local foodstuff for visitors to buy back to share with their family and friends. Original Story:


Usually after choosing the destination for the holiday, the next important step would be to find suitable and affordable accommodation. After all, the accommodation we are going to stay in is going to be our temporary home away from home. Thus it has to be a clean and comfortable “nest” to refresh and also to […]

Night Life

In recent times, the nightlife scene in Penang has grown to massive proportions. During weekends, throngs of people can be seen making a beeline for the pubs, bars, discos, nightclubs and karaoke lounges dotting the major cities. Great places to socialise, many of these establishments have large dance floors to accommodate a large crowd, which […]


Penang is without a doubt one of the best shopping destinations in South East Asia. Synonymous with its relaxing Island atmosphere and friendly people, Penang offer a pleasant and comfortable shopping lifestyle experience for all shoppers, including domestics and foreign visitors. You could find high street chain stores and funky boutiques to designer labels like […]