Q: How do I make a reservation with Penang Shuttle?

A: You can make a reservation via our internet booking website, emails or call to our customer service hotline at +6019 – 563 5566


Q: How do I make a reservation online?

A: You can make an online reservation in our website with the following steps.



Step 1: Visit Our Online Booking page at http://www.penangshuttle.com/




Step 2: Select the type of service you would like to made a reservation.




Step 3: Fill up the form with your reservation details.

Step 4: The amount of total charge will show below.

Step 5: Click the [PLACE BOOKING NOW] button to place a reservation.

button to place your reservation.




Step 6: An order success message will show.




Step 7: Click the  car-icon2icon to show the drop down options.

Step 8: Click the [VIEW CART] button if you wish to check your reservation.

Step 9: Click the [PROCEED TO CHECKOUT] button to do checkout.





Step 10: Fill up the form with your billing details.

Step 11: Select your payment type.

Step 12: Click the [SUBMIT YOUR BOOKING] button to send us your reservation.





Step 13: A confirm message will be shown with your reservation details. An invoice will be sent to your email.




Q: What number should I call to make a reservation?

A: You can contact our customer service hotline at +6019 – 563 5566